Our Policy


Send us Your Request, and we will confirm your booking within a few hours.

After booking, we will send you an invoice for your down payment

and all the info you need.



Upon arrival your host will be waiting for you to give you the keys and explain

how everything works on board.

Bedlinen and towels are already on board, you can travel super light.

Check in time is (after) 15:00 hours.

If the boat is available earlier, you can check in earlier.

A day before your arrival, your host will know what time exactly the boat is ready for you.



Our HouseBoats are luxurious. But, we do respect the Waters, the Winds & the Earth. We rather repair than throw away. We rather dry towels in stead of use every day a new one. We brush our teeth with the tap closed. We provide you with sustainable bags, to skip the plastic ones when you go shopping. We turn the heaters down and the lights off when we are  not at home and expect you to do the same. As we expect you to separate your plastic and glass botles to make the bottleman Jan happy, who comes every day to collect them.



We like our guests to feel free and happy and at home on board of our boats. You can do what ever you like, more over: your host is there for you to help you make it work even better. As much as we respect your way of spending your holiday, we ask you to respect our property and our neighbors.