VIP Services

A stay in a private home offers more freedom, more space and more autonomy than a stay in a hotel. But... there is neither a reception, nor room service and nobody will bother to prepare a meal for you. You live on OUR BOATS just like we do! A perfect life, no doubt!

But... If you need a pick up from the airport or are arriving just too late to pick up your theater tickets, buy a bottle of champagne, fill your fridge, organize a boat trip, book a table in that -always sold out- restaurant.... or... If you are just too short in town to find the best baby sitter, the funniest shopping assistant, the most exciting private guide, the fastest personal driver and the hottest ZumBa trainer in town ... do not worry!

Just send your request to YOUR HOST and anything you wish for will be organized for you.


For  You

An acoustic guitar / an organic breakfast / a foot massage / an airport pick up / tulips & beer / candles & chocolate / champagne / a boat trip / can we keep this private please? / a surprise for my boyfriend / a wedding night / a secret rendezvous / she loves Japanese food / a parking card / can we stay longer / store our luggage / meet some musicians / can I skype with my mom / get a piercing / an espresso machine / can I make a photo reportage / of your houseboat / we have 4 rabbits, is there a coffee shop where pets are allowed?