Per boat/night

PER/NIGHT 2 GUESTS SEA from € 135,-
  SILVER from € 160,-
PER/NIGHT 4 GUESTS MOON from € 240,-
  STAR from € 220,-
  SUN from € 230,-
EXTRA GUESTS pp/pnight € 40,-


Pls. check MINIMUM OCCUPANCY and MINIMUM STAY for your specific dates (just click on the slides below).


If  SEA / SILVER are booked, you may stay on any of our bigger boats with less guests for a discount price (upon request)


You are welcome to combine / change boats during your stay, or to book several boots, if you are visiting with a larger group.


If all our regular boats are booked, pls send us a request, maybe one of our neighbours' boats is available.


Children under 06 are not allowed on board.


The flat min weekend rate is based on:

  • MOON  / STAR / SUN : full occupancy
  • SKY  / SILVER: 2 guests



The flat rate is based on max occupancy:

  • MOON / STAR / SUN : full occupancy
  • SKY  / SILVER:  4 guests

Our minimum flat rates are all based on a 3 nights minimum stay. It's only possible

to rent less nights, if less than 3 nights are available in between other bookings,

or directly connected to an existing booking. For a stay shorter than 3 nights,

the host fee is not included.

  • National Holidays : min stay : 5 nights
  • IBC, IDFA, ADE, Cannabis Cup : min stay 7 nights